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Access to Healthcare Through Quality Translation

Because the United States has no official language and due to a growing population of immigrants, government agencies need a source for accurate, high-quality translations. To comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, government agencies a must provide public information to all individuals, including those with low English proficiency, in a language they can understand.

Many government organizations must also contract a certain amount of work with small, minority, and women-owned businesses. It may be necessary for government agencies to seek out professional translation services to work with these populations. What kinds of government documents need translation? Everything from driver’s license applications, to voting documents, to public information on health issues, to signage and homeland security-related documents, and more.

Our government translation specialists who can translate government forms and documents into more than 100 languages. Avantpage offers government agencies quality, cost-efficient translations, and compliance security. To help your government organization efficiently communicate with LEP communities, Avantpage created these government translation resources for your use. Take a look and save these for the future!

3 Big Voter’s Choice Act Questions You Need to Think About

The California Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) has every county election official in the state thinking about how this new law will apply and change longstanding processes. Here are three questions we think your organization should be asking as you prepare for this change.

Elections Translation Case Study: 3 Counties, 100 Files, 49,000 Words, 48 Hours

Avantpage was selected from hundreds of translation providers, to translate materials for three of California’s counties. Like most counties they needed a wide-range of files translated, and they needed it done fast! We translated more than 100 files in 48 hours.

Translation Case Study: California Office of State Publishing

How Avantpage successfully delivered its largest translation job ever: more than 100,000 words, translated into nine languages, within a 4-week timeframe.

Reaching LEP Asian and Pacific Islanders this Election Season

The number of Asian and Pacific Islander voters almost doubled from 2 million in 2000 to 3.9 million in 2012. What’s more, almost half of AAPIs are not associated with a political party.

Election Translation Tip: “Let’s Vote” Is Not the Same As “El voto de Let”

The title of this post uses a Google Translate Spanish translation of the word “let” that would be correct if we were referring to the voting actions of our friends. However, in most situations, the correct translation would be “Vamos a voter.”

New Immigrants Coming of Age Require Elections Documents in More Languages

As immigrant voters become more diverse, the requirements for election officers to provide materials in languages beyond English continue to increase. China and India are now the top sources of new immigrants, replacing Mexico which held the first slot for decades.

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