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Ensuring Access To Social Services Through
Quality Translation

Language barriers should never get in the way of a person being able to access critically needed social services. As our communities become more culturally diverse, it becomes more imperative that social services organizations and agencies have the necessary resources to communicate with Limited English Proficiency clients. Avantpage supports these agencies with solutions that help overcome language, cultural and social barriers to promote the welfare of others and benefit of the community.

In the areas of public health, labor, aging, mental health or child support, Avantpage can identify the right resources for the right language need presented by our clients. We possess a deep understanding of the different nuances and complexities of language. Our social services translation, interpretation and localization efforts demonstrate expertise in the subtleties of language, including cultural differences, dialect, style, reading level, and more. We are familiar with the sensitivity needed to work with diverse groups, dialects and cultural norms that may adversely affect communication.

Our Social Services Translation Experience

Avantpage has worked with many different social services providers. Our translation services enable these entities to communicate their programs and services more easily, provide information in any language, and ensure that those who need these services can understand and receive access to them. Avantpage can translate your information regarding medical care, mental health, nutrition, housing, education, counseling and more into 150 languages using experienced, native-speaking translators, state-of-the-art translation technology and the use of customized style guides and glossaries. We also provide desktop publishing, website, and software localization and other services.

Since 2010, Avantpage has helped the Women, Infants and Children program communicate with LEP communities by translating brochures, posters, flyers, worksheets, shopping guides, questionnaires and other documents into Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, Russian, Traditional Chinese and Eastern Armenian. WIC is a federally-funded program that supports pregnant women, new parents, infants and children under age five by providing information on topics such as breastfeeding, infant nutrition, infant and child behavior, pregnancy, healthy eating and more. We are contracted to work with WIC through 2018 and are glad to be a part of an organization that is so instrumental in helping others improve the lives of children and families.

Leverage Our Expertise

When you choose Avantpage, you are partnering with a specialized, highly qualified translation provider with extensive knowledge and experience in social services. Our translations save you time and money, ensure you comply with regulations and help you connect in any language. For more information, contact us today!

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