Marketing Translation Case Study

The Partnership Between Avantpage and Jakob Marketing Partners



Jakob Marketing Partners assists clients, including large companies like Wells Fargo, with a variety of marketing projects.

To ensure vital marketing uniformity for segmented foreign audiences, Jakob Marketing Partners trusts Avantpage to provide consistent, qualified, cost-effective linguistic solutions – quickly, without hassle, and on budget.

“I have used Avantpage’s translation services for several years, and they always exceed my expectations (and those of my clients). When working with a client like Wells Fargo, who expects jobs to be done correctly the first time, I cannot partner with any suppliers who are not able to meet that standard. Avantpage does a great job, every time.”

Jakob Marketing Partners

The Avantpage Partnership Advantage

  • Communication: We assess, and reassess, Jakob Marketing Partners’ goals to meet their objectives. We monitor the overall picture and advise accordingly, providing them with invaluable security and time-saving service.
  • Flexibility: Avantpage has on-site capabilities to handle glitches, sudden changes, and ineffective communications through the constant development of new and efficient translation processes. To us, adaptation means efficient execution.
  • Systems: Our signature systems and technologies provide Jakob Marketing Partners with exceptional service and superior quality, lowering costly processing fees. Quality is our objective, our guarantee, and our style.


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