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Elections Translation Services that Empower Immigrants

There’s no language into which the American Dream cannot be translated. We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done to ensure everyone is able to participate in this country’s elections in an informed and empowered way. We do this by translating elections materials thoroughly and accurately, allowing LEP populations to understand the issues and make informed choices at the polls.

A Proven Process for Success

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Translating for elections presents a number of challenges, including aggressive timelines, high volumes, and tight budgets. We have the experience, personnel, and technologies to tackle these challenges head on. Our solutions are built around a process that ensures all elections translation projects are completed accurately and within the requested timeframes.

Our Elections Translation Services Include

  Translation, editing, formatting, and preparation of multiple document formats

  Expertise in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog and many other languages

  Translation for the visually impaired, including braille, large print, and ADA compliance

  A proven track record of rigorous quality assurance standards

  Quick turnaround and strict adherence to deadlines

  Experience with government and elections translation

Commonly Translated Elections Materials

With more than 20 years of experience and the ability to translate into more than 150 languages, we’re able to deliver on virtually any need you may have. We specialize in developing the following materials:

  Voter Information Guides

  Candidate Statements

  Ballot Measures


  Voter Information Cards

  Registration Cards



  Letters to Voters

  Website Localization


Customized Solutions

From ballot measures to candidate statements to signage, we have vast expertise in translating elections materials into more than 150 languages. If you’re looking for a translation partner you can truly count on, we’re here for you.

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