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Why We Do What We Do

Our goal at Avantpage is simple: to help our clients create a linguistic bridge that connects people, cultures and communities through mutual understanding. We deliver on this aim by providing exceptional translation, localization and interpretation services in more than 150 languages to clients in the healthcare, government, elections and education sectors, among many others. We take tremendous pride in meeting our clients’ most challenging needs with outstanding service, quality and Empathy Beyond Words.

Why Avantpage: Three Reasons To Choose Us

There are many translation service providers to choose from. Here’s why we believe we’re your best choice.


Our industry-leading, quality control processes ensure that all deliverables are complete, correct and consistent.


We have the courage to shape a better future for everyone chasing their unique American dream.


We do more than simply translate; we reach beyond words to connect with your audiences on a more meaningful level.

Our Greater Purpose

What we do doesn’t define why we exist as a translation company. At a surface level, we translate documents between English and Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more than 150 other languages. We provide these services to our clients with great pride, but what makes us different is our mission and values. We aim to help people from different cultures and backgrounds communicate more effectively and respectfully. We believe our services can help all immigrants achieve their American dream.

We believe in Empathy Beyond Words. We understand what it takes to reach your immigrant populations. Everything we do is about them, and for them. We embrace the cultural, social, and humanistic qualities of your audiences, whom we ultimately serve.

We serve our clients, and their clients, by asking questions, listening and responding to their needs. We are grateful for their trust and commitment.

We provide quality and linguistic excellence and deliver accurate translation and language services that serve our clients and their audiences.

We inspire trust and provide peace of mind to our clients by working only with professional, talented, passionate and committed project managers and translators.

We help people communicate with cultural sensitivity, and we proudly provide services that bring cultures together.

In Our Clients' Words


"Your ability to scale up your translation services to meet our production needs is what sets Avantpage apart. We really appreciate you for coming through."
School Innovations & Advocacy, Inc.
“You can count on Avantpage to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget.”
American Cancer Society
“Avantpage fits in seamlessly with our processes and tools and accommodates our deadlines. Although we can find translators who are a few cents cheaper per word, Avantpage’s technology expertise saves us more money in the long run.”
Leapfrog Enterprises

We’re Prepared To Deliver

At Avantpage, we go to great lengths to make sure we are properly certified to deliver high-quality work and to provide a customer service experience that meets or exceeds the highest expectations established by the industry. Our accurate translation services go above and beyond to deliver excellence in every way possible.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team sets the bar high, encouraging all Avantpage employees to continually hone their skills and to serve our clients needs better every day.

Luis Miguel


Vera Hooijdonk

Director of Operations

Joanna Oseman

Head of Client Services

Work at Avantpage

Avantpage offers a vibrant, highly collaborative work environment that offers tremendous opportunity for growth. We’re always looking for talented and committed professionals with an interest in improving the lives of others through language. Join our core team of managers, marketers, administrators, technologists and various other professionals. We may have just the right opportunity for you.

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Become an Avantpage Translator

We are continually looking for translators with the right blend of skills, experience and commitment to contribute to our mission of delivering the highest quality translation services in the industry. If you are a qualified translator looking for an opportunity to work with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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