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Translation Expertise in the World’s Major Languages

Avantpage provides professional translation, localization, interpretation, and multilingual desktop publishing services that are on strategy and on the mark. We have the capabilities to translate your documents, websites, and other materials into more than 150 different languages spoken throughout the world.

It all begins with our talented group of translators. To be…outcomes” to the following: “To be considered for Avantpage translation work, translator must complete a domain-specific test of source language proficiency, target language proficiency, translation proficiency, research proficiency, technological proficiency, and cultural competence in the source and target language communities, which can affect translation outcomes.

Many of our translators are also highly knowledgeable in specific industries, such as legal, education, government or healthcare, which allows them to conduct translations more effectively and accurately. We are frequently requested to provide translation services in the following languages.

A Complete List of Languages We Support

Avantpage provides professional worldwide translation services for medical and health care translation, interpretation, localization, and multilingual desktop publishing services for the world’s major languages. Below is a complete list of languages we support. 

A through G

Afrikaans Translation
Amharic Translation
Arabic Translation
Armenian Translation
Assamese Translation
Azerbaijani Translation
Baltic Translation
Baluchi Translation
Bangla Translation
Bashkir Translation
Belarusian Translation
Belorussian Translation
Bengali Translation
Bhojpuri Translation
Bosnian Translation
Brazilian Portuguese Translation
Bulgarian Translation
Burmese Translation
Bushman Translation
Cambodian Translation
Catalan Translation
Chaldean Translation
Chinese Translation
Chinese – Simplified Translation
Chinese – Traditional Translation
Croatian Translation
Czech Translation
Damara Translation
Danish Translation
Dari Translation
Dinka Translation
Dogri Translation
Dutch Translation
English Translation
English – American Translation
English – Australian Translation
Eskimo Translation
Estonian Translation
Farsi Translation
Fijian Translation
Finnish Translation
Flemish Translation
French Translation
French Canadian Translation
Gaelic Translation
Georgian Translation
German Translation
Greek Translation
Greenlandic Translation
Guarani Translation
Gujarati Translation

H through R

Haitian-Creole Translation
Hausa Translation
Hawaiian Translation
Hebrew Translation
Hindi Translation
Hmong Translation
Hungarian Translation
Icelandic Translation
Igbo Translation
Ilokano Translation
Indonesian Translation
Italian Translation
Japanese Translation
Kannada Translation
Kazakh Translation
Khmer Cambodian Translation
Kikuyu Translation
Konkani Translation
Korean Translation
Kurdish Translatio
Kyrgyz Translation
Laotian Translation
Latvian Translation
Lithuanian Translation
Macedonian Translation
Maithili Translation
Malagasy Translation
Malayalam Translation
Malay Translation
Manipuri Translation
Marathi Translation
Marshallese Translation
Masai Translation
Mien Translation
Mizo Translation
Mongolian Translation
Nahuatl Translation
Ndebele Translation
Nepalese Translation
Norwegian Translation
Oriya Translation
Oromo Translation
Pedi Translation
Persian Translation
Polish Translation
Portuguese Translation
Punjabi Translation
Pushto Translation
Romanian Translation
Russian Translation

S through Z

Sanskrit Translation
Sepedi Translation
Serbian Translation
Shangane Translation
Shona Translation
Sindhi Translation
Singhalese Translation
Siswati Translation
Slavic Translation
Slovak Translation
Slovenian Translation
Somali Translation
Sotho Translation
Spanish Translation
Spanish – Latin American Translation
Swahili Translation
Swazi Translation
Swedish Translation
Tagalog Translation
Tamil Translation
Tartar Translation
Telugu Translation
Thai Translation
Tibetan Translation
Tshivenda Translation
Tsonga Translation
Tswana Translation
Turkish Translation
Turkmen Translation
Twi Translation
Ukrainian Translation
Urdu Translation
Uzbek Translation
Venda Translation
Vietnamese Translation
Xhosa Translation
Xitsonga Translation
Yiddish Translation
Yoruba Translation
Zulu Translation

How Can We Help?

Avantpage is dedicated to helping you build stronger bonds and forge more valuable relationships with Limited English Proficient populations.

We provide a broad range of services to clients in healthcare, government, elections, education and many other industries. Whether you need translation, localization or interpretation, we have the means, resources and experience to get the job on time, on budget and with the highest standards of quality. Whatever your need, we’re here to deliver.

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