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Our story begins over 27 years ago. When Luis Miguel founded our company, he believed there was a need for a multilingual service firm dedicated to making the benefits and privileges of living in the United States accessible to residents with limited English proficiency. 

Nothing has changed ever since.  

Today, Avantpage is a linguistic bridge focused on connecting people, cultures, and communities through purpose-driven services and mutual understanding. We provide exceptional translation, localization, and interpretation support to a broad range of clients, primarily in healthcare, government, elections, education, and other sectors critical to the wellbeing of non-English-speaking populations. 

Empathy Beyond Words

What we do doesn’t define why we exist. On a surface level, we translate content between English and 150 other languages. It is our values, however, that make us different.  

We aim to remove the barriers that often keep people with different cultures and backgrounds from enjoying what it means to live in the United States. Everything we do is about, and for, them and the communities they call home.  

Our guiding principle is Empathy Beyond Words

We understand what it takes to reach your immigrant populations. We embrace the cultural, social, and humanistic qualities of your audiences, whom we ultimately serve. 

We serve our clients, and their clients, by asking questions, listening and responding to their needs. We are grateful for their trust and commitment.

We provide quality and linguistic excellence, and we deliver accurate translation services customized to the needs of our clients and their audiences. 

We inspire trust and provide peace of mind to our clients by working only with professional, talented, passionate and committed project managers and translators.

We help people communicate with cultural sensitivity, and we provide services that bring people together. 

Learn More About Our Values

Luis’ background is present everywhere in Avantpage. He shares his story with the world to understand why Avantpage puts our values first.