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Translation memory (TM) software helps to ensure your translations are consistent, cost-effective, and timely. It automatically captures previous translation files and starts populating new ones with terms and phrases identified as repeated material from earlier texts.  

As a centralized tool, TM eliminates translation silos that can lead to serious inconsistencies. Regardless of how many translators are involved, TM makes it possible for a new one to pick up where another translator leaves off, while helping to ensure consistency from previous translators as well. 

We use translation memory in combination with detailed glossaries to create a fully integrated resource for your approved multilingual phraseology. You never need to worry about keeping translations consistent across the organization. 

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

We start building your translation memory database from the very beginning. Our approach cuts your translation costs because it lowers the amount of time and effort it would take to translate each new project separately. Translation accuracy and better quality control are both guaranteed. 

Combining this integrated technology with the human expertise of our linguists means that everybody wins. 

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