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Our Systems Team makes it easy to link your existing IT framework with our multilingual tools and technologies.   

We offer customized integration solutions to seamlessly connect your legacy systems with the translated materials you need.  Examples include: 

  • Cutting edge translation technology
  • Complete Search Engine Optimization services in the target language
  • Comprehensive translation of all file types including HTML, SGML, ASP, PHP
  • AvantFlow: Secure online storage and live access to your localization projects 24/7
  • AvantMemory: Simultaneous translation, corrections and proofreading capabilities through our exclusive translation memory software
  • TTWeb: Simplified Website localization

Our systems integrators are specially trained to adapt IT-driven processes to multilingual applications. We work with you to strike a balance between your budget constraints, your existing resources, and the benefits you’ll get from the newest innovations. 

Smart Folders, Smart Translation Management 

When you send us a file for translation, your customized smart folder automatically goes to work for you. Your folder will identify, organize, and process your requests automatically, moving your project forward and automating your translation workflow from the very beginning. 

Our AvantData analytics tool also connects you with our internal systems, and provides you with fully integrated reports on the translation process. AvantData mines relevant data from our internal processes and converts it into meaningful dashboards that eliminate information silos and provide you with at-a-glance updates on key translation KPIs, such as:  

  • Delivery Times
  • Project Frequency
  • Number of requests
  • Workflow overviews

We make it easy for you to link your internal systems with all our technology solutions. 

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