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Desktop Publishing Services (DTP) is a core service we offer to our clients and a crucial part of the translation process. DTP involves the creation of documents using graphic design software, such as InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and many others. At Avantpage, we have the ability to recreate and format foreign language materials both for print and online applications, while preserving the original message and graphical style. 

Desktop Publishing: A Complex Process

The process of desktop publishing for multilingual applications demands great attention to detail. For instance, because languages have different lengths and typographical characteristics, translating documents can potentially undermine the original design. Artwork may be inadvertently repositioned, truncated, or even lost altogether.  

To further complicate the process, some languages take up more space than others. Spanish, for example, is considerably longer on the page than English, while Chinese is much shorter. Design and layout challenges such as these underscore the importance of hiring a translation firm with a proven track record of high-quality work in desktop publishing. 

A Partner You Trust for Desktop Publishing Services

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Avantpage has offered desktop publishing services for over 25 years. We’ve tackled countless complex situations along the way—always while delivering exemplary results.

Our thoughtful approach ensures you that every aspect of your original design will be accurately reproduced, visually appealing, and in keeping with the cultural norms of your target audience.

Look to us to get it right the first time, every time. 


 What are Desktop Publishing Services?

Desktop Publishing involves the creation of documents using page layout software. The goal of having a document undergo DTP is to ensure that all text, graphics, and images are arranged in a manner that echoes the original document design.

The process of translating your documents can create significant changes to the original design. For example, the Spanish language takes up considerably more space than English, making Spanish documents span more pages than their English counterparts. In other examples, graphics included in the original document design can be repositioned or resized due to where they fall in the translated text.

By utilizing Desktop publishing services, you can be sure that your translated document is designed appropriately in the target language, as it was in the source language.

Why Desktop Publishing?

Some of your translation projects won’t need to undergo DTP. If you’re translating the handwritten information from a form to be able to appropriately respond to it, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to pursue DTP services. If, however, you’re translating marketing materials or website content that needs to be on-brand when presented to your target audience, Desktop Publishing can create a well-designed document that meets those needs.

Graphic design, page format and fonts are just part of the Desktop Publishing process

Professional translation organizations will provide multilingual DTP services to ensure that each client’s translated files are completely aligned with the target language’s visual layout and design requirements.  Formatting, punctuation, hyphenation, captions, illustrations, graphic design elements – every detail must reproduced accurately when presented in the target language. DTP services should accurately reflect local cultural norms, provide accurate text-to-white-space ratios, and ensure that order forms, feedback forms, client contact forms and hyperlinks are fully functioning in the new target language.

If you pursue Desktop Publishing services on top of translation, you won’t need to redesign your documents. The DTP team will deliver to you a fully designed version of your translated documents that are ready for your target audience. We can help you get started on your next Desktop Publishing project. Give us a call at 530-750-2040 or request a free quote today.

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