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Overcoming Language Barriers in the Workplace

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An estimated 9% of the U.S. workforce is made up of employees who are classified as workers with limited English proficiency (LEP). With the rapidly changing face of the U.S. population, more and more companies face the challenge of communicating effectively with employees who don’t speak English fluently.  

Clear communication in the workplace isn’t just a matter of productivity; it’s a legitimate safety concern as well. The office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires companies with safety protocols to translate their training and HR materials into the language their workers understand best.  

Without a process to ensure accurate translations, your employees are at risk; you are subject to potential legal action; and your productivity suffers. 

Put our HR translations to work for you.

Understanding how to manage best practices in HR-related translations comes with time and years of experience. The HR specialists at Avantpage offer you both. 

Through more than 25 years of providing multilingual services to organizations of all sizes, we know how to help you translate every type of employee communication, including: 

  • Employee applications 
  • Manuals and handbooks 
  • Multilingual newsletters 
  • Training materials 
  • HR forms and policies
  • Employee memos
  • Safety documentation 
  • Intranet and online communications 
  • Customized materials

Our seasoned team of translation specialists can translate your HR materials into more than 150 languages. What’s more, our expertise in HR terminology, dialects, localization, and cultural nuances ensures your communications are culturally and geographically relevant. 

With our stringent quality assurance protocols, you’ll never have to worry about distributing poorly translated documents, going over budget, non-compliance, or missing an important deadline. 

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