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Data is the currency of the future. With the advent of AI, IoT, and Big Data in general, data-based decision-making is at the core of most forwarding-thinking organizations today. 

AvantData is our own analytics platform designed to bring the power of data to the translation-management process. It allows our clients to use data-based reports to make smart management decisions and to access meaningful information both quickly and easily.   

Our AvantData platform connects to our Translation Management System (TMS), in addition to other tools that are relevant to the translation-management process. It serves as a customized information portal and mines data from our internal and external systems. The raw data is then converted into meaningful reports for our team and yours. 

Better Outcomes through Better Analytics 

AvantData features a customized dashboard with up-to-date reports on a variety of KPIs that monitor and measure translation quality, including:

  • Project frequency
  • Language distribution
  • On-time delivery
  • Number of requests
  • Workflow overview
  • Spend breakdowns
  • And more…

Why rely on guesswork when AvantData can help you make more accurate forecasts, enhance optimization, streamline operations, and improve your multilingual management decisions? Don’t rely on manual processes when AvantData can bring innovative business analytics to your translation and localization teams. 

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