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Protecting the privacy of your information is an absolute priority for us. Not only do we offer systems and procedures to comply with all information security regulations, but we’ve also developed our own processes and applications that go beyond what regulatory standards require.  

We’ll work closely with you to address your privacy concerns and provide you with customized solutions to ensure your specific security needs are met. We serve a variety of vertical segments, including government, healthcare, education, and more, and we’ll develop security solutions according to your own specific requirements and needs.  

Your Partner in Security

Our dedicated Systems Team is deeply familiar with HIPAA requirements and understands how important it is to protect PII and PHI at all times. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to ensure you meet your ongoing security and compliance objectives, including keeping up with evolving regulations.  

We also have a deep understanding of the processes and protocols involved in compliance audits. We have a 100% success rate in client security audits, and we’ll work closely with your team to achieve the same results for you.  

To learn more about how Avantpage stays in compliance click here. 

Added Protection with AvantShield 

AvantShield is our own proprietary security tool that helps to satisfy HIPAA regulations and protect PHI during the translation process. With AvantShield, patient information is never stored in our systems and data is anonymized or masked during the translation process.  

No matter how many translators are involved, no one ever sees the PHI data. Once the project is finalized, the PHI is then restored and included in the member’s document before being destroyed. This means you can rest assured that no private information is ever kept in our translation memory system. 

It’s one more way we ensure your data is always 100% secure. 

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