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The growth in digital channels has fueled an unprecedented demand for tailored customer communications in a multitude of languages. If your organization offers services or products relevant to U.S. audiences with limited English proficiency (LEP), our localization services are designed for you. 


What’s your localization strategy? 

A successful localization strategy isn’t just about translation. It also involves the complex process of adapting your website, software, documentation, and other media in a multitude of ways to communicate more effectively with target audiences who speak foreign languages and come from different cultural backgrounds. 

We have more than 25 years of experience working with LEP populations in multiple business sectors, including government, healthcare, education, and more.

Our localization services can help you: 

Form deeper relationships with your audiences 

Create new opportunities in foreign-language markets 

Increase customer confidence and trust 

Establish a reputation as a culturally sensitive organization 

Assure you meet language-related regulatory mandates 


Balance your technology needs with your budget and internal resources 

Multilingual Technology Tools. Customized for You.

We also offer a broad range of technology tools and support customized for your specific localization needs. Our tech team can seamlessly integrate your legacy systems with our internal workflows by providing:  

  • Multilingual plug-ins
  • Website connectors
  • Automated workflow support
  • A content management system (CMS)
  • And more…

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