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Avantpage offers a proprietary client portal to provide you with quick, easy, and private access to your ongoing translation projects. Our fully encrypted, cloud-based portal offers a broad range of connectivity and data-reporting features including:

Drag & Drop 

Submit files for quotes or start projects directly by dropping files into the portal. 

Secure Log-In 

Invite as many users as you need. Each user gets a unique username and password.


Browse quotes, projects, and invoice history without digging through files.  


Choose what features work best for you, your team, and your project managers. 

User-Friendly Functionality

Our customer portal is designed with your priorities in mind. A customized dashboard gives at-a-glance information on key translation criteria, including present and past projects, number of quotes, costs, contacts, and other information to highlight and improve your translation-management outcomes. 

You can also monitor the status of your entire project workflow via reports that integrate activities and eliminate traditional translation silos. You’ll know exactly where you are on multiple KPIs, such as project frequency, number of requests, on-time deliveries, and other key factors. 

Why rely on guesswork or manual processes when you can make more accurate forecasts, streamline operations, and significantly improve your multilingual management decisions? Everything about our customer portal is designed to manage your translation projects as easily, cost effectively, and securely as possible.   

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Time Saving Features

AvantPortal was developed with the user in mind to be easy to use but also to offer key functional actions that will help you manage and save time on your translation projects. Some of those features include:

– Request quotes or push project to get started immediately

– In-portal direct contact with the Project Manager

– Templates for frequently-used requests

– AI to predict your project needs

– Invoicing information and options

– Dashboards based on AvantData to help business decisions



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