Case Study: AvantPortal

A Smart Client Portal


Being a data-driven and technology-focused company, we recognize that for our clients to do their jobs, they need access to the same technology and insights used internally at Avantpage. That is why we moved away from a non-proprietary portal to develop our own.  

Our new AvantPortal was built to:

  • save time through AI and automation
  • be secure and easy-to-use
  • designed to be cloud native 
  • utilize data for informed decision-making
  • adapt overtime to your everchanging needs 


Project Scope

Our clients have a lot on their plates, with the highest quality needs when it comes to meaningful language access. We can help take some of those tasks from you, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your job. AvantPortal leverages technology and data to assist with streamlined function through tools that remove repetitive steps and increase project efficiency. Our teams worked relentlessly to develop a portal that helps you do your job, without being overly complex.  


AvantPortal can now manage highly advanced and detailed functions, while maintaining ease-of-use and minimize any functional errors. To ensure the quality of the portal, strategized steps were required from creation to completion. Our teams broke these stages down into five main steps: 

Primary Structure

Building out the main pillars as a framework. Start with a similar design based on the “core” of the old portal, and use that to expand. Analyze what is working and what needs to be updated, while ensuring the security. 

Research Development

Interviews of teams, clients, in addition to the research and review. This step ensured an understanding of features to keep, fine-tune, and develop.  

Collaborative Brainstorming

A design-thinking approach to brainstorming through a design-board app discussing ideas, mapping modules, visuals, processes, and solutions. 

Pilot Module Development

The project module is the most complex, carrying out the development of this module first, fine-tuning, and fixing technical issues before building out the remaining modules helped break down steps and focus on function. 

Testing Rounds

Utilizing internal Avantpage testers, then client beta testers to fine-tune all remaining aspects of the portal to be ready for full use. 

The development set in these stages ensures that all needs are highly attuned while not overly complicated, finds all possible technological bugs to solve, and optimizes function for the user.  


Avantpage now has a proprietary client portal with the most critical tools specific to industry needs. We have added automation and AI from scratch, extended its use beyond document translations, and our teams can continue to develop and update to continuously improve functions and features. AI features now help to utilize frequently used project selections, suggest deadline requests for projects based on project history, and give you an initial cost estimate of a quote by instantly analyzing the file.  

New user-friendly and intuitive interface

Directly request projects

Pay via portal

Use the dashboard powered by AvantData for reports related to your organization

Use integrated AI to save time through project history or get immediate estimates

Set your own frequent-request templates

See project progress in real time

Update projects already in progress

Contact Avantpage through direct message

Store your files

Project Takeaways

“I just think it teaches us internally how to create new things and work with each other. It was a new experience especially from Operations. And we learned a lot to integrate with them. Internally as a company it was one of the first integral projects many people participated in beta testing, feedback, in the beginning, so it was part of everyone and pretty gratifying.” 

Jorge, Director of Technology

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