Medicare Marketing Translation Case Study

Alameda Alliance for Health



Avantpage completed two critical translation projects for Alameda Alliance for Health’s annual Evidence of Coverage (EOC) document, using five translators working in Spanish and Chinese Traditional, and utilizing Translation Memory.

Alameda Alliance for Health, based in Alameda, California, needed their annual Evidence of Coverage document translated into Spanish and Chinese Traditional. The Evidence of Coverage is a legal document that details the healthcare benefits covered in the plan, and is a critical piece of Alameda Alliance for Health’s health plan coverage description.

The Scope

Due to the nature of the Evidence of Coverage document,  the translation must be accurate, high-quality, and easy to read and understand by Limited English Proficient plan members and potential plan members.

This project required us to translate two Word documents. The first document was 15 pages and 4,160 words long, and the second document was 200 pages and 61,960 words long. Our turnaround time on this project was tight, as we needed to have all of the translation completed within two weeks.


The deadline: 2 weeks to translate 66,120 words

Our Solution

Avantpage has worked with Alameda Alliance for Health since 2009 on a variety of Medicare marketing translation projects, including letters, flyers, booklets and other member communication documents. We also translated the previous year’s Evidence of Coverage.

All of this previous translation work meant that we had a Translation Memory database specifically for this client and this project. This greatly enhanced our ability to complete the project quickly, accurately, and with a high level of quality and consistency throughout the documents.  

We chose three Spanish translators and two Chinese translators to make up the translation team on this project. The translators we chose were not only experienced in their languages and the cultural nuances of those languages, but also in healthcare and legal terms.

While we relied on our TM database for translating terms, language, and phrasing unique to the client, our skilled translators reviewed all wording and sentences in the documents to ensure that everything was correct and accurate.

The Outcome

Alameda Alliance for Health was satisfied with the accuracy and quality of our translation documents, and the projects were delivered within the two-week timeframe we were given. By utilizing our Translation Memory database, these Spanish and Chinese Traditional translations were completed smoothly and easily. This was because the Translation Memory maintenance had been performed properly, giving Avantpage all the information needed to move ahead on these projects quickly.

The translation, editing, proofing (TEP) process for Spanish, and Translation and Editing for Chinese, were key to maintaining the top quality of the translated documents. In this case, our ability to build a TM database through our previous work for this client ensured a swift, accurate, high-quality finished product.

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