Washington State DES

Contract #04312


DES Contract

Since 2013, Avantpage has handled high daily volumes and tight turnaround times from a range of partners throughout Washington State as a contract provider through the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services.

The master contract granted to Avantpage means all administrative requirements are taken care of. This contract also fully complies with Procurement Reform.

The contract award covers written word services for all state agencies, institutions of higher education, political subdivisions, and non-profit corporations of the States of Washington and Oregon.

If you’d like to bypass the arduous process of competitive bidding, Avantpage is available to provide written language translation services for state and local agencies by simple means of a purchase order.

If you’re an elections client, you fall under category 6. The information for category 6 clients is linked below. For instructions on how to submit your purchase order, see the section title “specific requirements.”

For information on the other 7 categories that Avantpage is contracted to work with, contact our Client Services team for details and a free quote.

Point of Contact

Eduardo Díaz

Account Manager

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Call: 530.750.2040 x53

Fax: 530.750.2024

Email: [email protected]

Why Avantpage?

  • Translation, editing, formatting, and preparation of multiple document formats
  • Expertise in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Tagalog, Khmer, Thai, and many other languages
  • A proven track record of rigorous quality assurance standards
  • Quick turnaround and strict adherence to deadlines

Types of Language Services

Under the Washington State DES Contract, we are available to provide the following services without a competitive bidding process:

  • DSHS and HCA Documents
  • DSHS and HCA Supported Language Auto Generated Text
  • DSHS and HCA Client Specific Documents
  • Forms, Pamphlets, Brochures
  • Technical Documents
  • DSHS and HCA Publications
  • DSHS and HCA Other General Information Documents
  • DSHS and HCA Locally Generated Documents
  • Letters, Labels, Flyers
  • Education-Related Documents

For more information about the services we offer and their associated fees under this contract, please contact our Client Services team.

Our Government Clients

Department of Social and Human Services (DSHS) Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program (ORCPP)
Labor and Industries (L&I) Office of the Attorney General
Division of Disability Determination Services (DDDS) Puget Sound Educational Services District
Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS) Clarkston School District
Health Care Authority (HCA) Department of Social and Health Service

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