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What’s Your Localization Strategy?

If your organization offers services or products relevant to non-English-speaking audiences, either in the United States or in the international marketplace, utilizing an experienced and professional localization company is critically important. A successful localization strategy is about more than just translation, it involves the complex process of adapting your website, software, documentation and other media in numerous ways so that they communicate more effectively to immigrant and global audiences. If your company is considering expanding into other markets, contact Avantpage to get started on your localization strategy. We specialize in several different industries including healthcare, government, and education.  Here are just some of the benefits of localization:  
Deeper relationships with your global audiences

New opportunities within international and foreign-speaking markets

Increased customer confidence and trust

Recognition as a culturally sensitive organization

Profits that come from tapping into new markets interested in your offering

Assurance that you are in compliance with all regulations

The Difference Between Localization and Globalization

At first glance, these two offerings may appear to be the same, but they’re quite different. Globalization refers to the process of creating websites and software that serve multiple cultures at once. Localization, on the other hand, is a more focused process that involves customizing your website, software, and other documentation to a specific culture, language and/or location. Avantpage’s localization services allow you to communicate with a specific audience on their terms, taking into account not only their language, but their customs, practices, and locale, leading to clearer communication and better outcomes, for you and for them.

Is Your Website and Software Hitting the Mark?

In addition to translation, website localization also involves creating culturally relevant content, as well as optimizing design, color schemes, graphics, and other visual elements so that they look, feel, and function as though they were produced within the target country. It may also involve the modification of currency, time, weights and measures, and other numerical elements. Avantpage offers one-stop, state-of-the-art localization services designed to get your website and other business media localized swiftly, efficiently, and economically.  Our team of linguists, technology experts, designers, and project managers are all highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the localization process. We offer:

  • Cutting edge translation technology
  • Support with Search Engine Optimization in the target language
  • Comprehensive translation of all file types including HTML, SGML, ASP, PHP
  • AvantFlow: Secure online storage and live access to your localization projects 24/7
  • AvantMemory: Simultaneous translation, corrections and proofreading capabilities through our exclusive translation memory software
  • TTWeb: Simplified Website localization

Software Localization

At Avantpage, we have the capabilities to localize software into more than 150 target languages and ensure that it meets your target market’s requirements. Our linguists work closely with our technology experts to translate text, graphics, audio and video software from the source language into the target language.   Our software engineers and programmers then make sure that all new code is functioning properly. We then rigorously test the translated software to ensure it performs correctly and predictably. Our software localization process includes:

  • Comprehensive translation of all file types, including HTML, SGML, ASP, and PHP
  • Extensive testing of all new programming code to ensure software is fully functional
  • Localization of user interface (UI), including online help tools, forms, dialog boxes, tabs, menu options and buttons
  • Creation of glossaries and style guides to aid consistency and scaling
  • Translation Memory to streamline and reduce the cost of subsequent projects  

AvantWeb: Essentials of Web Localization

AvantWeb™ is a one-stop, state-of-the-art service, designed to get your organization’s website and other communications localized swiftly, efficiently, and economically. Our AvantWeb team of localization specialists will work with you every step of the way, from initial assessment to final delivery of an effective, fully functioning localized product.

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