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Where Language Translation Meets Technology

At Avantpage, we are continuously working to improve translation quality, streamline our processes and add value to our suite of linguistics services. By utilizing cutting-edge language translation technology and software and adapting them for use in the field, we’ve taken critical steps to ensure greater consistency, boost our linguistic service capabilities and strengthen our project management systems. This translates into a wealth of client benefits, including faster project turnaround times, more effective communication between translation team members, enhanced online project tracking and monitoring, less rework and duplication, and lower costs.

A Project Management Solution That Works for You

AvantFlow, our signature online project management system, is more powerful and user-friendly than ever before. AvantFlow allows you to request new projects, monitor ongoing work, change specifications, view previous projects and download completed files anytime, anywhere. All activity is automatically tracked so that our clients can check project status instantly.


Secure access 24/7

Request a quote for a new project


Provide detailed instructions

Assign due dates and deadlines

Access business reports

Upload your source files


View project details and progress

Track project progress

Retrieve finished translations

Your Language Translation Technology Experts

Avantpage has the ability to tap into a broad network of technology providers to assist you with your needs. We’re well versed in assessing our clients’ unique needs and developing custom programs that streamline the translation process while improving accuracy and timeliness.

AvantMemory: Translation Memory

Our cloud-based Translation Memory (TM) tool allows you to save important terminology and style preferences as glossaries and style guides for use on subsequent translations. These glossaries and style guides are critical for ensuring consistency and accuracy of your documents. Compiled manually, they reflect your organization’s personal preferences for translating certain terms, words, phrases, numerals, and acronyms in a consistent manner. 

Translation Memory increases quality, lowers your costs, ensures faster delivery times and gives you greater control over every aspect of your project.  Here is a full list of features:


Simultaneous translation, correction and proofreading

Unicode and standards based

Advanced and integrated terminology

Quality assurance applied to all linguistic steps


Real-time translation progress reports


More effective file filters, better stylistic and terminology compliance


Improved linguistic asset management


More reliable import and export functions used in file processing


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