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Translating materials into languages spoken by your Limited English Proficient (LEP) consumers does more than improve communication; it improves lives, and allows immigrant populations to thrive and contribute to society. Our mission at Avantpage is to help you realize the amazing potential of your LEP markets.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped organizations communicate more effectively in an increasingly multicultural environment. As one of the highest-quality localization translation companies, we do this by providing leading-edge translation services for healthcare, elections, education and many other sectors. A lot rides on every document we translate, and we embrace this challenge in the following ways:

Translation in more than 150 languages


Industry-leading quality control


Compliance support, such as attestations and back translations


Fast and timely turnarounds


Desktop publishing services

Supporting technologies to aid efficiency and accuracy

Make Sure You're in Compliance

Our team will work closely with yours to provide high-quality communications that keep your audiences informed, and keep you in compliance with language requirements set forth by federal and state agencies. We’ll ensure that every translated project is aligned with the latest government-mandated rules and regulations, helping you avoid penalties, fines and legal action. To put it more simply, when it comes to compliance, we’ve got your back.



We help our clients ensure their LEP audiences are accurately informed on all aspects of their healthcare needs.



We help ensure that immigrant students have access to a quality education so they can pursue their own American Dream



From elections to education, we provide high-quality translations delivered on a timely and budget-friendly basis.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Ensure your human resources translation needs are met with the highest degree of accuracy and cultural relevance.



We’re specialists in the translation of materials for elections, ensuring every vote is an informed one.

All Industries

All Industries

Our experience spans a wide spectrum of industries and markets. Whatever your need may be, we can address it.


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