AvantMemory Case Study

The Collaboration Between Avantpage and XTM


One of Avantpage’s healthcare customers had a large, urgent job. They needed to translate 30 files in RTF format, each with an average size of 400Mb. There were a total of one million words to be translated from English into Spanish –– and we only had 9 days to complete the project. The quality requirements of this project meant that the translation workflow had to include the following steps: Translate, Correct, Review, Layout, and Layout Review.

The Scope

In order to meet the tight deadline, Avantpage had to have multiple translators working simultaneously and leveraging the 50% repetition rate within the text. With traditional translation tools, the required level of control and concurrent work was not possible. It was also essential that Avantpage’s project managers be able to monitor production volumes in real time in order to take any necessary corrective action. They needed to be able to reassign files as needed to faster translators, while reducing the workload of slower translators. To ensure high quality, the new tool had to have automated quality assurance. To maintain consistency in the translations, the chosen system had to allow leveraging of repetitions within the documents.

From our CEO, Luis Miguel

“With AvantMemory, XTM has provided the translation technology we need to continue to deliver high-quality translations in an increasingly competitive and evolving market.”

Our Solution

After assessing available options from different providers, Avantpage selected XTM International and asked them to provide a translation tool that would accomplish the required task. This translation tool, AvantMemory, allowed Avantpage to process the large source files and manage the production workflow. Using AvantMemory, Avantpage project managers could quickly split up the large files and assign translators to the workflow. The translators were automatically notified of their new tasks via email. During the translation process, all of the translators worked online together, sharing the central Translation Memory (TM) and Terminology. By monitoring the production workflow, Project Managers were able to assign more work to the fastest translators and ensure the quality remained consistent.

Key Questions

  • How did Avantpage deliver work quickly to 30 translators? Using AvantMemory Workflow, the project managers were able to assign translators to the project swiftly and easily. The translators were notified automatically, and were able to login to AvantMemory and begin the translation project online.
  • How did Project Managers monitor the status of the project and each individual translator’s volume?  With AvantMemory, they were able to track the progress of the project, each individual file, and all the translators’ actions in real time.
  • How did all the translators work together?  Working online in the AvantMemory Editor, all linguists accessed the same TM and Terminology. They also shared comments with each other in real time.
  • How did they leverage the repetitions?  With the real-time propagation of newly translated segments, all of the translators on the task could leverage each other’s work. To maintain consistency, the project managers made sure that the best translations were used throughout the project.
  • How did Avantpage ensure high quality?  Using the built in spell checking and QA features of AvantMemory, many common errors were corrected during the translation process. Additionally, because all work was carried out online, any errors could be pinpointed and resolved quickly.

The Outcome

By using XTM’s AvantMemory translation tool, Avantpage was able to deliver the project early, and with the high quality and consistency the company is known for. As Avantpage’s business needs and processes continue to grow, AvantMemory will provide Avantpage with the flexibility to manage and complete large, complex projects easily.

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