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How Riverside County overcame the 2020 challenges within election translations


Riverside County Registrar of Voters manages the election process for the fourth-most populous county in the State of California. Serving over 1 million voters, Riverside County is committed to ensuring its Limited English Proficient (LEP) communities have meaningful access to the election process with election translations.  

Since 2019, Avantpage has supported Riverside County’s increasing language access needs by translating its election materials, from candidate statements to ballots, into Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. 

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The US 2020 Presidential Election was considerably impacted by the COVID-19 pandemicAs the country underwent major changes, Riverside County also had to adjust its operations. 

“By the Governor’s executive order, Assistant Registrar of Voters Art Tinoco told us, we had to revise all of our voting materials ahead of the Election under a short timeline. The increase in candidates resulted in an increase in candidate statements requiring translation as well.” 

Because of this, Riverside County’s main challenge was to find a scalable and user-friendly solution to support the urgency and growing quantity of its election translations needs.  


Given these challenges, Riverside County leveraged the Avantpage Customer Portal to manage the logistics and meet the timeframes required for its materials. The use of the Avantpage portal was critical to enable seamless and real-time collaboration across teams. As Art Tinoco mentions:   

“We have a team of staff responsible for the preparation of Candidate Statements for the Voter Information Guide and the use of the portal made it easy to ensure all team members had access to the same information, providing a complete and transparent view of the projects to the management team.”   

The capabilities of the portal helped to optimize the County’s operations by allowing the elections team to consolidate everything in one place: from requesting projects to managing other tasks such as reviewing project progress, version control, advanced reporting per language, and tracking of project and invoicing data. By using the Avantpage Customer Portal, Riverside County was able to streamline the translation and formatting of its materials in 5 languages. Over 140,000 words were delivered on time and within budget. More importantly, Riverside County was able to effectively bring further opportunities for its LEP communities to be informed during such a crucial time. 

From the desk of Eduardo Diaz

Account Manager at Avantpage

When Riverside County’s team first contacted us, I was impressed at how passionate they were about providing excellent language access services to their LEP communities, as this is aligned with the values that we share here at Avantpage. 

Our teams are constantly in touch with the team at Riverside County not only through our Customer Portal to receive and process projects, but through ongoing status reports from their dedicated Project Manager, and through strategic planning meetings as well. All this to ensure success on all requirements for their projects. We are grateful for our partnership with the County! 

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