Case Study: COVID-19 Glossary

How a State Agency creates consistency amidst uncertain times
Summary This State Agency is dedicated to the safety, health, and security of its workersWith a large number of Limited English Proficient (LEP) workerslanguage access is a vital element of the State Agency’s communication strategy  Since 2013, Avantpage has supported the State Agency’s mission through its translation work, ranging from vital documents to state-wide outreach publications. 


While serving the Spanish-speaking community during the COVID-19 outbreak, the State Agency’s challenge is to ensure that its Spanish translations maintain accurate consistency from department to department.  Due to the dynamic nature of the pandemic, it is critical for the State Agency to release rapid and effective communications. In need of quick and coordinated translation efforts, the State Agency partnered with Avantpage to keep Spanish speaking communities safe. 

From the desk of the State Agency’s Communications Consultant

What benefits have you seen from this initiative?

“Since implemented, this tool has helped us deliver consistent messaging related to the pandemic. Our bilingual staff has found the glossary to be a valuable resource and continue to interact with the language access team to increase the number of terms according to the needs of the communities we serve.” 

How did Avantpage ensure quality?

“Partnering with Avantpage was extremely beneficial because we were able to pull information from documents that we have translated previously, that were part of Avantpage’s translation memory, and that had gone through a quality assurance processsaving us time and making the process more efficient. 


In close partnership with the State Agencywe

  • Implemented a Translation Memory (TM) strategy. 
  • Leveraged Avantpage previously QA approved translations. 
  • Incorporated input from worker advocates, community health workers, and bilingual staff 
  • Developed a glossary with COVID related terminology, to be used by the State Agency and partner agencies. 


Overall, the State Agency is extremely satisfied with Avantpage’s effort put into the COVID 19 glossary, as it provides:  

  • Higher productivity on client’s end. 
  • Increased quality in Spanish communications. 
  • Centralized linguistic asset that can be shared across multiple platforms. 

How did the Avantpage process work?

“We had the opportunity to provide feedback, and the glossary was built considering our community engagement work. The terms we contributed came from meetings with worker advocates, community health workers, and our bilingual staff. As a result, the Avantpage COVID-19 glossary is a useful tool that includes input from the very communities we serve.” 

How does Avantpage help the State Agency achieve its goals?

“As the pandemic continues, we appreciate the partnership with Avantpage so we can grow this effort. The need for quality communication and creative thinking to solve communication issues in languages other than English continues.” 

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