Elections Case Study

100,000 words, 9 languages, 4 weeks


The California Office of State Publishing requested that Avantpage translate voter materials, totaling over 100,000 words, into nine languages (Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Khmer, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese) and also provide desktop publishing (DTP), web, audio and large print services.

The Scope

Avantpage was asked to translate California’s Official Voter Information Guide into nine languages so that nearly 1 million copies could be mailed to the voting public in time for the General Election on November 6.

From our CEO, Luis Miguel

“It was a pleasure to once again work with the State, and to know that our work enabled LEP individuals to fully understand ballot measures and initiatives. Because of the translation services we provided, candidates can rest assured that their message reaches all members of the voting public, and voters will be able to cast their votes with confidence.”

Our Solution

Avantpage was able to draw on our prior experience translating for government entities to ensure that this project would proceed smoothly and be completed within the established deadline. We confirmed the availability of key personnel and our election specialist established a dedicated team of vendors ahead of time. Overall, we employed one project manager, one vendor manager, 11 proofreaders, and 13 translator teams consisting of a total of approximately 27 linguists From start to finish, communication played a vital role in the successful completion of this project, as did meticulous attention to detail, cross checking, and a four-stage proofing process. After translation was completed, files were reviewed in the following stages: micro proof, macro proof, galley proof and final proof. Each of these proofing stages required a specialized proofreader, as well as the linguists for each of the nine languages to guarantee that the final documents were error free.

The Outcome

The California Office of State Publishing was satisfied with the outcome of this election translation project, and pleased with the quality, accuracy, consistency and timeliness that Avantpage was able to provide. As a result of Avantpage’s coordinated efforts to complete this project within the required timeframe, nearly one million copies of the Official Voter Information Guide for the 2012 California General Election were printed in nine different languages and sent to California voters in anticipation of the November 6th 2012 election.

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