Healthcare Case Study

From Excel Documents to Fully Translated Webpages


A leading health solutions organization asked Avantpage to translate two large-content files into Canadian French. This organization sent Avantpage 57,988 words in Excel files, requiring extra effort and exceptional attention to detail on the part of our translators. The total word count was divided between two projects, each with a two week deadline that needed to be met.

The Challenges

  • File Format. We were given the files in Excel, with the text appearing in individual Excel cells. An individual 500-word article was presented as a single line in each cell. This made it challenging for our translators to read and process the materials.  
  • The Deliverables. Once the translation of these healthcare articles was complete, we had to convert the text into HTML code and ensure it was ready for publication.
  • Grammatical Consistency. All of the translated articles needed to have the same structure in terms of format, grammar, and point of view. Our translators were given specific directions to ensure the reader would be addressed in exactly the same way in every article.
  • Rolling Delivery Times. The healthcare client needed our deliverables on a rolling basis so they could process the files, perform a linguistic review, and swiftly prepare them for web publication.

The Twist

Articles were originally located in an excel spreadsheet. We had to extract each 500-word article from individual cells on the spreadsheet. 

Our Solution

Avantpage rapidly assembled an experienced team of six Canadian French translators and one proofreader. After putting together the team, we were able to:


  • Split the first project of 23,000 words into five smaller projects, and deliver on a rolling time frame.
  • Split the second project of 35,000 words into two batches, and deliver on a rolling time frame.
  • Create a workable schedule to deliver these small-batch translations.
  • Have our proofreader provide continuous feedback to our translators and ensure smooth and efficient progress on the translations.

The Outcome

With such strong dedication to the project on the part of our translators and proofreader, we were able to deliver all files as promised, and all rolling deadlines were met. Most significantly, our client’s Canadian French-speaking clientele was able to easily access and understand the health information presented to them.

Our healthcare client was highly pleased with the linguistic quality we delivered, and they noted how impressed the were with our work processes and procedures. They met their internal deadline for publishing all of the articles to their website, and have regularly sent us translation projects since this project’s completion.

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