Case Study: Remote Interpreting

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A government county partnered with Avantpage for on demand, over-the-phone and video remote interpreting services to all its 30 departments

They needed an easy and affordable solution to on demand language services. Avantpage set them up with a variety of device options (phone, web browser, app), with easy and fast requesting, covering on demand language access for the local limited English proficient populations. 

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Project Scope

This agency uses remote interpreting across all departments as needed. Many of these interpretations consist of scheduling, following-up, consultations, medical appointments, and psychiatric appointments.  


Without interpreters, they would have no way to adequately interact with LEP community members. This would mean difficulty scheduling appointments, confirming appointments, ensuring appointment aftercare is understood, and a general lack of suitable patient treatment would ensue.  


Our solution was to offer them our on-demand language services through an app, web browser, or phone. Additionally, a human representative will begin the call to ensure details are accurately conveyed for tracking purposes, such as the name of the requester. 

Offering solutions that give the agency options for how they dial in an interpreter helps to bridge digital literacy gaps and assist with the local departments selecting what solution best fits the individual needs of each department. 

To further the accessibility and limit the wait time, we also introduced a quick dial for three commonly requested languages: Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. 

By providing easy, accessible, fast, multi-mode interpreting solutions, it gave the client the opportunity to ensure the best service is available to everyone, despite a limiting geographical location that could make onsite interpreting negatively impact language access.  


Continuous partnership of on demand language access for all departments at this government agency. We worked with their requests to set them up for solutions that would best meet their staff and community needs. 

Quick dial for common languages

Human representative connection 

Web Browser/App/Phone options 

Connection time starting at around 5 seconds 

Project Takeaways

It is great to have a reliable service with so many tech solutions that can adjust to the need of not only the agency’s staff but the LEP communities that we serve

Fernanda, Project Manager

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