Covered California (, the state’s new Health Exchange, has enjoyed strong consumer interest during its first weeks of open enrollment. According to Covered California, more than 1.5 million unique visits were made to its website during the initial open enrollment period. More than 100,000 calls were made to Covered California’s Service Center during the same period. And more than 94,500 applications were started during this time frame.


According to Covered California, 17,768 insurance agents have registered for certification to sell Covered California health insurance plans. These agents must have a valid license through the California Department of Insurance and must complete Covered California’s Certified Insurance Agent training and certification program.,,,

Covered California provides access to information and assistance for consumers who wish to sign up for affordable health care under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Covered California offers consumers help with comparing and selecting appropriate health insurance plans. California’s health exchange helps individuals discover what type of assistance they are eligible for and which federal tax credits and subsidies apply. Small businesses also are able to purchase competitively priced health insurance plans to offer their employees a range of health care options.


More statistical information will be released later in the month. We will keep you posted as to any new developments and information we receive from Covered California (