By tapping into next generation web-based technologies, Avantpage has increased our online capabilities and streamlined our translation processes. Navigation, customization, communication – it’s all easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

We’ve designed three powerful software applications – AvantFlow, AvantMemory, and AvantForum – to work cohesively and provide a more productive, user-friendly online translation environment.

What can you expect to gain from putting these tools to use? For starters, you’ll have greater control over all your translation projects, from initial quote to final delivery. You’ll gain instant online access to all aspects of a project’s progress, which makes monitoring and tracking that much easier. These tools give you the freedom to spend less time on administrative tasks, troubleshooting and backtracking – and more time overseeing the quality, accuracy, consistency and timelines of the projects themselves.

AvantFlow allows you to manage, organize, and keep track of all your translation projects

AvantFlow is our signature online project management system, now upgraded and revised to be more practical and accessible than ever before. Easier site navigation, improved access to resources and faster response times are just some of the latest improvements. Use AvantFlow to request quotes, instantly check project status, give detailed project instructions, upload source files, assign due dates and deadlines, and much more.

AvantMemory lets you access and manage your translation assets more easily and effectively

AvantMemory is a web-based system that streamlines the translation process, providing greater client control. AvantMemory includes customized linguistic glossaries that save specific terminology and style preferences; allows multiple vendors to work with the same assets in real time; allows linguistic team members to work concurrently; and lets work on a project proceed with multiple languages simultaneously.

AvantForum facilitates communication and collaboration in real time between project stakeholders

Through AvantForum, all communication relating to a specific project is captured in one central online location. All project stakeholders have instant access to the same information, including preferences and requirements, online conversations, emails, meeting notes and more. AvantForum minimizes the possibility of critical information “slipping through the cracks,” while maximizing client/translation team collaboration and effectiveness.

Through the use of these next generation technologies, we’ll be able to focus all of our efforts on providing exceptional translation and language services. And you will be able to keep your translation projects moving forward smoothly – on target, on time and under budget.

Call us today for a free demo of any of these technologies at 877-ANY-LANG or [email protected].