Recently, Altamed Health Services has been creating youtube videos to educate their patient populations and demographics about caring for individuals’ health responsibly. Part of this series included a telenovela style web-series, entitled “Sin Vergüenza” or “Without Shame,” focusing on issues of homosexuality, safe sex, HIV testing, and more.

We’re really happy to have served Altamed by translating the script to this series (see English trailer here), and we’re inspired by their multifaceted, creative commitment to bettering the world through health. It’s always a joy to modulate the nuance of our work to fit the style of the original document and cater to the target audience, and we’re always staying on point to deliver the messages and themes as precisely as possible!

Though we specialize in Healthcare translations, this is an example of blending that expertise with our expertise for dramatic script translations, and we get how all of our expertise can co-mingle to serve a greater whole in all our fields of work!

Your language is our betterment, and we’re always eager to hear about what kinds of translations you want for your business or projects!