Every year, Avantpage conducts a survey designed to gather information from our clients on how we are doing and where we can improve. This year is no different. We are putting the finishing touches on our 2014 Survey, and hope to have it in our clients’ hands by the second week of December.

We believe in staying connected with the folks who use and depend on our translation and linguistic services, and we also believe that customer care is a two-way street. By surveying our clientele, we gain information that helps us determine which services are utilized most, where we need to focus more time and energy, and where we can consolidate or combine our efforts to be more effective.

Every survey response counts, and by taking the time to listen to our respondents, we gain the information we need to implement positive change based on client needs and wants. From adding additional services to refining our software and project management systems, the survey gives our clients a voice for change that we take very seriously.

We strongly encourage all our clients to take our survey, and we will be sending out an email with the survey attached in the next week or so. The survey takes only minutes to complete online, but the information gleaned from it will allow Avantpage to concentrate on improving the client experience by delivering service of exceptional quality and value.

Avantpage will post our 2014 Survey results in a subsequent blog and client email.