Today, April 15th we observe the National ASL Day which is a great opportunity to celebrate and learn more about American Sign Language. 

On this day in 1817, the American School for the Deaf (ASD) opened in Hartford, Connecticut. There, teachers and students worked together and, by intermingling Native American Signs, French Sign Language, and even Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language, American Sign Language (ASL) was born. 

With time, more schools for the deaf were founded and ASL spread not only to those schools but to the world. ASL is used in the majority of Canada, all throughout the American continent, and has even expanded to Central Africa, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. 

5 Ways to Celebrate National ASL Day at work! 

  1. Learn with your co-workers some ASL words and phrases 
  2. Create ASL Day cards for employees and clients 
  3. Find in YouTube a song you love being signed and share it with your co-workers 
  4. Talk to your leaders about volunteering on local community projects 
  5. If you or someone you love uses ASL in your day to day, don’t be shy and share your story 

Have more ideas? Share them with your network and local organizations with the hashtag #ASLday. 


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From the desk of María Fernanda Aguilera Villegas, Project Manager at Avantpage.