At Avantpage, we often create Style Guides for our clients–whether they’re for a healthcare, medical, Medicare marketing, election, or government industry. These language service style guides enable us to streamline and customize the translation process.

Style Guides are manuals created to indicate linguistic and stylistic preferences for a specific client, and include an organization’s linguistic requirements, grammar, punctuation, acronyms, currency and numeric preferences, and more. Each guide we create is tailored to a client’s individual needs, preferences and requirements, and becomes a valuable reference tool for our translators.

Style guides can include:

  • General (literacy level, tone)
  • Linguistic Conventions
  • Dates, Measurement Systems, and Numerals
  • Acronyms
  • File-Naming Conventions and Footers
  • Text to NOT Translate (leave in source language)
  • And more

Why Use Style Guides?

When we work with our clients, style is one of those things that creates a good deal of back-and-forth effort, which can slow the translation process. Knowing in advance how to handle things like acronyms, grammatical preferences, punctuation, audience reading level/background, etc. allows us to work more quickly and accurately to tailor the translation pieces to individual client needs.

Improved Efficiency, Consistency and Quality

Style Guides encompass all of an organization’s written linguistic, tone and style preferences, providing a general framework and specifications for anyone who is involved in the translation projects. Style Guides ensure that every piece we translate for you matches your organization’s individual preferences and requirements. This results in improvement of translation quality and style consistency across all translation projects.

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