“AvantFlow 2.0 takes our customers to the next level… allows us to work faster and more efficiently while collaborating with our clients more effectively. We are able to swiftly track, report and process larger, more complex projects, and our PMs have more quality time to spend with our clients… I am very excited to have AvantFlow 2.0 as part of our language technology ‘toolkit’ and look forward to fully utilizing this revolutionary system.” – Luis Miguel, Founder and CEO, Avantpage, Inc.


Introducing AvantFlow 2.0… Innovation. Integration. Results.

The new AvantFlow 2.0, powered by state-of-the-art XTRF™ technology, is an integrated translation management system (TMS) designed to track project workflow, invoicing, customer relationship management (CRM) and quality control – all in one place. It is fully customizable, enabling Avantpage to create a unique portal based on its own business requirements and client needs. This means that Avantpage clients now enjoy “one-stop shopping” through a Web-based portal designed specifically for them.

Once an Avantpage client logs on, they may create a quote request, and then proceed automatically step-by-step through the translation process, finishing with a completed project and invoice. Users may also easily upload and download files, as well as track project progress and monitor invoices – always with the assurance that their language assets are fully secure in an encrypted Cloud environment. This system frees project managers from manually creating quotes, emails or POs, ensures 100% accuracy, and allows PMs increased personal one-on-one time with clients. As a result, there is greater understanding of client needs, less repetition of tasks, and quicker completion of projects, coupled with greater translation accuracy and overall efficiency.


AvantFlow 2.0, the translation management system that helps our partners work smarter – not harder:

• State-of-the-art Web portal fully customizable for each client’s individual needs
• Secure, encrypted environment to get quotes, submit jobs and guidelines, upload and download final files, 24/7
• Fully automated document and project workflow
• Enhanced organization of complex projects and information
• Seamless management of multiple-language projects
• Greater capacity for large work volumes
• Documented quality control process based on ISO 9001 standards
• Real-time project progress tracking and invoicing from beginning to end
• Increased client-PM interaction with greater automation and efficiency


AvantFlow 2.0: providing solutions through cutting-edge technology

Avantpage is committed to not only delivering language services (translation, localization, desktop publishing, linguistic asset management and more), but working hand-in-hand with clients to provide language solutions as well. Through the use of more in-depth communication, detailed needs analysis and cutting-edge translation technology, Avantpage seeks to develop long-term language solutions that allow clients to achieve, succeed and grow their businesses in any direction they choose.

With the advent of AvantFlow 2.0, Avantpage is poised to deliver even greater benefits to its clients in the form of faster service, better workflow management, and fully automated processes and procedures

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Check out AvantFlow 2.0 – Avantpage’s signature translation management system – and see what it’s all about! We’ll walk you through the process, show you how to log on, access and utilize the AvantFlow portal, and reveal why we are so excited about this new technology!


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