Our 2014 survey has been completed, and once again respondents have provided us with valuable feedback we use to measure, analyze and improve our performance.

At Avantpage, goal #1 is to provide exceptional service at every level, to every customer, through every step of the translation process. Our customers are our greatest asset, and keeping them satisfied is our first priority. After all, without them we wouldn’t even be here! Clear, honest communication, unwavering commitment to “getting it right,” prompt attention to details, issues and concerns  –– it’s all part of our dedication to delivering quality, service and value. Once a year, we like to check in with our customers via our survey, and let them tell us where we stand.


Avantpage earns high survey marks for quality of service

When asked about their overall level of satisfaction with Avantpage, 97% of respondents indicated they were “satisfied” with Avantpage services. When asked about quality of translation, 95% indicated they were satisfied with this attribute. Turnaround time earned a 97% satisfaction rate, and when it came to customer services, 98% of respondents indicated they were satisfied with Avantpage’s performance in this area.


Would our clients recommend us? Absolutely!

One of the greatest compliments we receive is when we learn that a satisfied customer has recommended us to a friend or colleague.  If a customer values us enough to recommend us to others, we must be doing something right!  This year, 100% of our respondents indicated that they would recommend Avantpage to a colleague, an increase over last year’s percentage.

In the “Comments” section, we were immensely gratified at the positive feedback we received, including:

  • “You guys are always fantastic!”
  • “You are doing amazingly well. You meet deadlines even when they are short.”
  • “Great job, excellent services and response time.”
  • “I was highly satisfied with response and quality of work! Keep up the great work.”
  • “The quality of your translations and services is why we’ve extended our contract with you.”

In conclusion, we’d like to offer a huge thank you to all who participated!  We appreciate the time, energy and effort it took to respond. We look forward to making 2015 another stellar year for both our customers and our organization.


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