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This week, we’d like to take a moment and encourage you to visit, like and follow us on Facebook.  Our Facebook presence is growing steadily, and we have found it’s a fantastic way to stay connected with others who share our passion for and interest in language and global communication.


We post and share links to a variety of fascinating articles, information and insights on the topics near and dear to our heart – linguistics, speech and translation.  Our posts range from lighthearted musings to revealing articles packed with relevant news and information.


Best of all, Facebook enables us to connect with our clients as well as interested folks looking to see what Avantpage is all about.  Facebook gives us an opportunity to interact with you through your own comments and postings. We hope you’ll join us, and we’ve got a wealth of new, intriguing material we’re posting every day.


Highlights from recent posts include a look at “Why Outsourcing Legal Services Is Important”; an article that reveals how a Georgetown professor is working against the clock to preserve dying languages for future generations; a tongue-in-cheek look at “Practical English”; an article on how the Cherokee Nation plans to honor translators; The use of forensic linguistics to track down writers who wish to remain anonymous; a video of a gentleman who speaks 22 languages; and much, much more.


Stop by and see what we’re talking about this week! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed – or bored.

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