Avantpage has long been a leader in the health care translation space. Our expertise and experience ensures that health plans, hospitals, HMOs, PPOs and other healthcare organizations receive accurate, high-quality cost-effective translation, every time, every project.

Our certified translators are experts in medical, insurance and health care language, in addition to being fluent in both English and the target language. When it comes to health plans, we’ll work closely with our customers to ensure that all of your standard and vital documents are translated accurately, and comply fully with government regulations.

We specialize in compliance issues, and are prepared to work with health plans to deliver documents that are translated in compliance with Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) requirements. The DMHC, in accordance with SB 583, requires that all health plans and insurers provide services, materials and information to LEP (Limited English Proficient) members in a language that they speak and understand, at no cost to them.

We work with our health plan clientele to create a translation program that fits their needs, budgets, deadlines and compliance requirements. Our focus on the healthcare industry has given us a leading edge over other translation firms: We’re experienced, prepared and fully qualified to handle healthcare translation projects of any scope and complexity.

The Affordable Care Act has transformed health care in the United States. It has provided health care access to millions of Americans who were unable to afford or qualify for health insurance prior to its implementation.

As part of this implementation, it is up to health plans nationwide to ensure their materials are translated to ensure compliance with the ACA, DMHC, SB 583 and other state and federal regulations.

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