Davis Bridge Educational FoundationThe Davis Bridge Educational Foundation is an organization devoted to promoting educational opportunities for all Davis, California students, regardless of income level, race, or ethnicity.

The Davis Bridge works with low-income, under-achieving Davis students in grades K-12. The majority of students in Davis who fit this description are Chicana/o Latina/o students. However, the Bridge serves Anglo, Asian, East Asian, and African/African-American children as well. Bridge volunteers provide tutoring, computer access, school supplies, and after-school snacks to students at four after-school homework clubs in the Davis area.

The Davis Bridge Foundation hopes to make college and academic success a realistic goal for these children by making them feel valued, showing them they have the power to achieve, and giving them the academic tools and support system to do so.

Avantpage and CEO Dr. Luis Miguel have been involved with the Davis Bridge Foundation since 2004, offering IT support, website design/hosting and email support. Avantpage provides all Spanish translations for the Bridge, and has donated several computer systems to them as well. In addition, Dr. Miguel was President of the Davis Bridge Foundation Board from 2004 to 2010.

The Davis Bridge is a cause close to Dr. Miguel’s heart, and he believes that local initiatives such as the Davis Bridge can have a significant impact on communities and their members. According to Dr. Miguel, “I see education, and all it carries with it, as the most important determinant of success for young people. My kids are just like many of the kids served by the Davis Bridge, with education being the main differentiator.”

To find out more about Davis Bridge, its mission, and how you can contribute, go to www.davisbridge.org or contact Janet Boulware, Executive Director and Founder, by e-mail at [email protected] or call (530) 574-2804.