At Avantpage, we’re always looking for ways to offer our clients more bang for their buck. Our goal is to provide services that enhance our clients’ translation efforts, offer greater accuracy, and reduce errors to save you time, effort and money. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new service for our customers, Comprehensive Linguistic Evaluation.

What is Comprehensive Linguistic Evaluation?

This service meticulously evaluates translations for accuracy, fluency, and target audience comprehension. Using Multidimensional Quality Metrics to evaluate over 40 criteria in translation accuracy and fluency, this new review process picks up errors like the unintentional duplication of a syllable or word.  For instance, a source text referring to a “girl” that’s translated with a word that applies only to teenage girls is an error in accuracy.

Avantpage’s Linguistic Quality Editors possess the metalinguistic knowledge needed to assess and categorize translation errors. They are responsible for creating a report providing the client with an overall recommendation for what to do with the translation. Translators make recommendations on whether a translation file may need a few minor changes or further editing and rework.

Comprehensive Linguistic Evaluation clients receive:

  • An action plan for revising and editing the document
  • Detailed recommendations for improving the document’s overall accuracy and fluency
  • A quantitative list of error types found in the document
  • An explanation of some of the most common or crucial errors and advice on how best to correct them

What kinds of projects are best suited to take advantage of this service?

We’ve found that the types of projects best suited to Comprehensive Linguistic Evaluation are those in which the translation quality has been questioned or for which no assessment has been done before. Files that will be read widely by end users pose a higher risk for the client and Comprehensive Linguistic Evaluation helps mitigate that risk.

How do clients put this new service to work?

If you’re interested in using Comprehensive Linguistic Evaluation, contact your Account Manager or Project Manager to request this service. For more information about how the service works, please contact us.

Image: Got Credit