At Avantpage, each translation project is closely aligned with our quality assurance process. Each translation request goes through several quality assurance stages:

Editing The editor checks the translation for accuracy and compliance with the client’s specifications; looks for typos, grammatical mistakes; and checks style, consistency, and more.

Terminology Control The translated text is processed with a QA tool to make sure all the terms match the terms on the client’s terminological database or glossary. There are several tools available for this purpose.

Review/Proofreading This is a target-audience review to ensure cultural appropriateness. This review is made by people familiar with the target community.

Correction The translation goes back to the translator and/or editor with the client’s feedback, and the changes can be accepted (or rejected).

Back Translation This is an optional stage, where the translated text is back translated into the original language to ensure the customer that there were no omissions, additions, or any alteration to the main message or meaning of the text.

Client Review The client has the opportunity to review the translation and make any preferential changes. The translator approves (or rejects) the changes.

Desktop Publishing After all linguistic steps are completed, we typeset the file so that it matches cultural appropriateness, specific client preferences, selection of images, character sets, page size, etc., according to the target language.

Proofing In this final stage, a proofer evaluates the final file against the original file looking for compliance with the project specifications.

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