An MBE (Minority-owned Business Enterprise) is defined as a for-profit business which is owned, operated and controlled by minority group members who are Asian, Black, Hispanic or Native American. At least 51% of the business must be owned by a minority to qualify or, if the business is publicly-owned, at least 51% of the stock must be owned by one or more members of a minority. The management and day-to-day operations of the business must be controlled by minority group members as well.

Avantpage, providing translation services since 1996, with owner and CEO Luis Miguel at the helm, is certified as an MBE by The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).  The council helps its corporate members (including IBM, Microsoft, Marriot, AT&T, AFLAC, Kraft Foods, Lockheed Martin, MetLife and many more) connect with the more than 17,000 minority-owned suppliers in its database. Seventeen states and 25 cities also accept NMSDC certification for programs designed to help minorities win public-sector contracts.

Many federal and state agencies are committed to working with minority owned businesses and have programs in place to ensure that a certain amount of contracts and projects are awarded to these businesses.

Corporations are also interested in working with and supporting MBEs, and make it a point to seek out contractors, vendors and suppliers who fit the criteria.  Working with minority owned businesses has proven to be a win-win situation for many of America’s largest organizations:  they are able to build good will and garner positive support throughout many minority communities; they gain the respect and trust of minority consumers; they work with minority suppliers committed to delivering exceptional products and services; and they are recognized for supporting diversity through their actions.

As a leading player in the translation industry, Avantpage is accustomed to addressing minority concerns in regard to language barriers. Our staff is sensitive to the communication issues and cultural differences that LEP individuals experience, and our goal is to deliver accurate, high-quality translation that is also culturally sensitive and audience-appropriate.

Contact us today at [email protected] to learn more about how our MBE certification informs all aspects of our service, and can help you create a comprehensive, affordable translation strategy. You’ll be able to communicate more effectively with your clients, increase your market share, and secure new business.