Avantpage to Work With The State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services (DES) and Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program (ORCPP)!

We’re always looking for new opportunities to bring our translation and language services to those who need them. Recently Avantpage was awarded the State of Washington DES Contract for Translation Services #04312 (formerly 10006). The Contract Award covers Translation (Written Word) Services for all State Agencies, Institutions of Higher Education, Political Subdivisions and non-profit Corporations of the States of Washington and Oregon.

Categories 1-5 of the DES contract are to be utilized only by the Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS), and the Health Care Authority (HCA).  State Agencies, Institutions of Higher Education, Political Subdivisions, and Non-Profit Corporations (MCUA) as well as the Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program (ORCPP) may use categories 6-8.

Those wishing to work with Avantpage through these contracts may select Avantpage for their translation purposes per the available categories. No formal competition is required; purchasers need not use a work order or post anything on WEBS.  If a quote is requested, Avantpage will provide one free of charge.

Avantpage is very proud to be the only winner in all contract categories and is excited to work with these new state agencies. We have our team of translators, project management specialists and IT experts assembled to ensure that we meet all contract user translation needs swiftly, accurately and cost-effectively.

This contract award represents a wonderful opportunity for Avantpage to expand into the Pacific Northwest, and deliver the translation, localization, DTP services, and quality customer service we are known for. We are looking forward to working with our new Oregon and Washington State customers, and hope to build supportive, positive, long-lasting relationships with new folks in need of our services.

According to David Serra, Avantpage’s Director of Sales and Marketing, “Our new partnerships with Washington State and Oregon give us a chance to bring our translation expertise and experience to a whole new group of clients. We are excited to begin work with both the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services and the Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program.”