There are many different language services that a Language Service Provider (LSP) like Avantpage can offer your organization. Part of ensuring that you’re working with the right LSP is knowing what language services your organization needs, and which of those your LSP is prepared to provide. At Avantpage, we offer a variety of services to help you effectively reach your target audience with your content. 

Language Services: Translation

We provide written translation services of documents, web pages, brochures, forms, and any other written content produced by your organization. Our quality assurance, compliance support, and multi-step translation process allow for assurance that your documents are handled in an appropriate manner. Beyond this, we have the ability to support high-volume translations with quick turnaround times, all while maintaining personal service.

Language Services: Website Localization

The process of website localization adapts or creates content to ensure that your site looks, feels, and reads as if it were originally created for the target audience. Beyond translation, this process involves revising graphic design, color schemes, symbols, and other visual elements so these are culturally relevant to the end-user.

Language Services: Alternative Formats

Avantpage offers multiple alternative formatting options to meet the needs of your ADA-compliant translation projects. Large-print formatting, braille, voice-over, and other alternative formats help those with communication disabilities to fully and effectively engage with your documents.

Language Services: Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the process of formatting and recreating foreign language page design and layouts for both print and web use without compromising the message or feel of the original material. Reformatting your documents after translation can help to ensure that your audience understands your documents without error. Your document will be reproduced with every detail accurately presented in the target language. 

Language Services: Linguistic Asset Management

Avantpage’s Translation Memory (TM) software allows you to save specific terminology and style preferences for use on subsequent translations. Our TM pulls your preferences for translating certain words, phrases, etc. from your organization’s style guide and glossary and informs the translators working on your projects of those preferences. This language service can increase the efficiency and accuracy of your translation projects, as well as creating more consistency throughout your translated documents over time.

Language Services: ADA Document Remediation

We can help remediate your written documents to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements. As with other language services, this involves the adjustment and adaptation of elements in your document, including text layers, color choices, and alternative text.

Language Services: Over-The-Phone Interpretation

Avantpage will connect you with highly-trained, certified, and professional remote interpreters to address your interpretation needs in the languages you choose. These native speakers will ensure that critical conversations are fully understood by all parties involved via telephonic discussion.

Language Services: Transcription

We can provide verbatim or non-verbatim time-stamped transcriptions of your audio files. If your organization needs those transcripts translated into your target languages, we can meet that need as well. 

Avantpage offers many language services to ensure that your organization meets the needs of your end-users. If you’re ready to start your next language project, give us a call at 530-750-2040, or request a free quote today.