Translation is harder than it sounds! As a translator, besides just knowing the target and original languages fluently, you should also be familiar with the particular jargon of the field or industry you are translating for, as well as the nuances of wording and cultural influences that your target reader will best respond to!

In the case of healthcare, there are several things we keep in mind:

  • Healthcare information can be extremely difficult to understand for non-experts, which is why it’s crucial to master the terminology while delivering streamlined accessible data to consumers.
  • Apart from readability, there is always the question of localization and sensitivity to your readers’ cultural background.
  • Subtleties of wording and phrasing can really change the impact a particular text has on a reader, and we find that when it comes to texts involving patients’ well-being, it’s best to be absolutely clear with the health information we provide them!

We specialize in healthcare, and have served top clients in the industry for years, that’s why we’re confident about our work in translating valuable health information within the industry.

Please visit our best practices on health translation to learn more about our process, our visit our blog entry on Covered California to learn more about the healthcare work we’re gearing up for. As always, we love to hear your feedback here on our blog!