Everyone is a hero to somebody. Whether a big or small act, a single act or a repetitive act, an action that you’ve taken has certainly been seen as a heroic. We are all, in some way, heroes to someone/somebody else.

Our employees are no different. They go above and beyond to help our clients, team members, and communities. The actions our employees take are certainly heroic in our eyes. That’s why we asked them to submit hero stories, stories in which they witnessed a team member take a step, or many steps, beyond what is expected to assist others and truly live our brand.

Claudia’s Hero Story

Claudia Burdisso is a project coordinator in our Davis, CA office. One of her responsibilities is to ensure that all individual translation requests are appropriately addressed and responded to in a timely manner. Normally we work with other businesses to translate their documents, but when an individual translation request comes in, Claudia goes to great lengths to ensure that it is addressed.

Here’s what our Head of People Operations, Nicole Spyt, said about Claudia and her dedication to each individual who needs a document translated. 

“Claudia comes into work every day and tackles a massive amount of tasks. However, no matter what her day looks like, no matter how busy or how stressed, as soon as someone walks in with a translation need, Claudia comes to the rescue. Her passion for helping people in need is just the potion necessary to turn her into a world-class hostess, translation expert, and empathetic ally. Whenever I get to witness this exceptional caring and dedication it reminds me why we do what we do.”

The clients Claudia cares for “always feel very well taken care of. In fact, they usually wind up striking up interesting conversations with Claudia, as if she is an old friend.” Nicole continued to say “it is amazing to watch Claudia go from being so focused on a massive amount of work to completely dedicating all of her attention to the person in need.”

Claudia’s hero story is a true example of our brand. Her deep dedication to the end-user, the individuals who rely on our translations for the information they need, is what we resolutely stand for. Her heroic actions on a daily basis reflect the best of our company culture, our dedication, and our work. We’re grateful to have such dedicated members as Claudia on our team, members who truly exhibit the concept of Empathy Beyond Words.