In a giant tour bus emblazoned with Covered California’s now-familiar logo, community members, business owners and Covered California officials hit the road Monday, November 10th for a 21-city enrollment tour.

This unique outreach program is geared toward getting as many uninsured Californians as possible to sign up for affordable health care through Covered California. With stops in Fresno, Merced, Bakersfield, and a host of other California cities, the nine-day tour is expected to reach out to a large number of interested health care consumers. This bus tour is part of a 95-million-dollar community outreach campaign to encourage enrollment and provide information. The enrollment period is shorter this time around – only three months – and so it is even more important that potential enrollees and those renewing policies start the enrollment process early.

Covered California offers expanded information on their website in Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Farsi, Filipino, Khmer, Hmong, Korean, Lao, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. LEP (Limited English Proficient) enrollees can find enrollment forms, the 2015 Covered California Fact Sheet; Enrolling In Quality Health Coverage: A Step-by-Step Guide; Getting More Affordable Health Coverage, What You Need to Know; Special Enrollment Fact Sheet, and other resources in their own languages.

Accurate, culturally appropriate translation is critical to helping enrollees understand and process the forms and information regarding Covered California health care. Translation is critical for health plans as well: plans need to present information so that Limited English Proficient consumers can navigate their way through coverage options and make educated health choices.

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