On October 1, 2013, Californians will begin enrolling in California’s new health exchange, Covered California. Starting three months later, in January 2014, most people must prove that they carry health insurance or face fines and penalties. Californians who carry health insurance through their employers will not be affected by these changes. But for the roughly seven million uninsured Californians, the Affordable Health Care Act and Covered California offers much-needed coverage at affordable rates.


For the first time, health care consumers have the ability to comparison shop through an online marketplace to find the health care package that fits their needs and budget.


What does this mean for health plans? As Covered California takes effect, qualified health plans must be ready to operate and compete in an open marketplace environment. Outreach initiatives, competitive pricing, clear and accurate communication about the plans and packages you offer all come into play during the transition period. As thousands of uninsured consumers prepare to purchase insurance – many for the first time – it is critical that information is presented in clear language that is culturally and reading-level-appropriate for new audiences. If you have supplemental marketing or informational documents, translating these into the core languages of your plan’s target audiences allows new health care consumers to accurately assess your plan’s offerings.


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