Medical tourism is a hot healthcare trend, with hundreds of thousands of people choosing to leave their countries for medical procedures each year. It’s even the subject of the newest thriller by Robin Cook, Foreign Body. According to some projections, up to six million Americans will journey overseas for medical procedures in 2010.In response to the linguistic challenges that such tourism (both inbound and outbound) presents, Avantpage Translations recently released a special report called “Medical Tourism: A Linguistic Perspective.”

Part I of the report deals with the considerations associated with outbound medical tourism, and ways in which a professional translation service would be helpful, if not absolutely necessary. As patients choose healthcare providers overseas, there are a myriad of concerns involved. Last on the list should be worry that medical records or other documents have not been appropriately translated. Recognizing this, Avantpage offers a full complement of translation services to help patients and providers work together effectively.

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