Desktop Publishing (DTP) is an important component of Avantpage’s linguistic suite of services. Through DTP, we format and re-create foreign language page design/layouts both for print and Internet use, without compromising the message and feel of the original material.  We support more than 150 languages and a wide variety of software applications.  We handle every nuance of the process, thoroughly detailing documents and online materials to reflect a culturally accurate and appropriate message.

Translating files into other languages can wreak all kinds of havoc on original layouts, graphics and formatting. Captions to photos, graphs or other illustrations may be inadvertently repositioned, truncated or even lost altogether. Because some languages take up more space than others when written, the ratio of text to white space can vary wildly from language to language.  Bulleted lists, hyphenation, paragraph breaks, spacing and other graphic design elements may all be negatively affected in the transition from one language to another.

Our multilingual DTP services ensure that your translated file is completely aligned with the target language’s visual layout and design requirements.  Formatting, hyphenation, captions, graphic design elements – we ensure that every detail of your file will be reproduced accurately when presented in the target language.  You can be certain that our DTP services reflect local cultural norms, provide accurate text-to-white-space ratios, and ensure that order forms, feedback forms, client contact forms and hyperlinks are fully functioning in the new target language.

For more information on our DTP capabilities, call 877-ANY-LANG or email [email protected] today!