E-learning is a simple, economical way for people to receive online training tailored to fit their needs, right down to the languages they speak. E-learning allows companies to provide their employees with content-rich training, delivered over the Internet to their employees’ desktops, laptops or other devices.

E-learning gives consumers easy access to all types of business and professional coursework, from computer and technology training to certification programs, classroom-type instruction, and online education courses in a nearly infinite variety of subjects. If you dream it, chances are you can learn it online through an e-learning course.

As e-learning has risen in popularity, so has the need to produce e-learning coursework in a variety of languages. This is especially relevant to companies with a global workforce in place. Creating e-learning content in numerous languages makes sense when your workforce is multi-lingual and international.  Translating e-learning modules into a variety of languages is also smart when you are catering to clientele in various cultures.

Translating e-learning materials is more than just linguistics. Audio and video must sync correctly, text must match graphic elements, supplemental coursework and materials must be accurately translated, and software for testing and assessments must perform correctly.

At Avantpage, we offer e-learning translation and localization designed to present content in the languages you choose. Voice-Over Audio, Subtitles, Text Translation, Graphics – we provide a wide range of e-learning translation and localization services.

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